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Hour MeterConnectric Systems is offering special pricing on the HR76.2 115V AC hour meter. Other voltages are available.

Features Include:

- 6 digit display (99999.9 hours)
- Non resettable
- Easy to mount. Single hole mounting
- .250” quick connect tabs
- Quartz control
- Waterproof
- cURus Approved

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Machine running time, warranty, leasing / rental time, maintenance scheduling, generators, compressors, heating or cooling equipment, electrical discharge machines, UV lamps life, medical equipment such as respirators, etc.

Click here for the specifications of the HR76 Hour Meter


DIN Rail Mountable Power Supply Sale

IMO's DPS range of AC-DC Din Rail mountable power supplies have been designed especially for the Control & Automation Market.  Offering the benefits of slim profiles, universal input (85-265VAC), and the security of a 3 year warranty, the DPS range provides multiple choices for all low power electrical or electronic devices commonly used in automation machinery.  24VDC output is standard, 5V, 12V, and 48V versions are also available upon request.

Offering high efficiency of up to 89%, the DPS range is short-circuit protected and has its own integrated internal input filter. It includes 5W, 10W, and 18W class 2 power supplies all of which are slim-line units just 22.5mm wide.  These units are complemented by larger power supplies: the 30W and 60W units are 40.5 mm, 120W units are 63.5 mm, 240W units are 83 mm and the 480W 20A units are 175 mm wide.

Contact Connectric for excellent pricing on power supplies. 

Product Focus - Low Cost Fully Featured Encoder Simulator

Product Focus - Portable Encoder Simulator

Encoder SimulatorEncoders are found in many machines in control and feedback systems to monitor and control speed and position. Various systems in the machines need to be tested during manufacture, often by operating the entire machine. By simulating encoder signals, the ES 001 from Motrona can speed up test and commissioning time could save time and money.

The encoder simulator can be used for:

- Testing of machine components or control units, without the need to have all mechanical details ready and available
- Dry testing“ during commissioning, with the machine in standstill
- Setup and inspection of electronic measuring systems, converters, counters etc.including test of cables and wiring
- Localization of error sources with malfunction and trouble-shooting

The Encoder Simulator ES001 from Motrona provides generates incremental encoder signals for simulation of a wide speed range, from single step and slow motion up to encoder frequencies of 500 kHz. The unit is suitable to generate TTL and HTL level impulses with forward or reverse rotation, including a programmable zero pulse. Clearly arranged display and operator panels ensure simple and easy operation of the unit.

Click here for the specifications and operating manual of the ES 001

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