Length, Speed Measurement & Control


The Connectric Length Measurement & Control System is economical and stands out as a versatile, standalone solution for in-process applications and can be easily added to existing and older machinery. It is characterized by a rich set of features, high quality, and cost-effectiveness. This system excels in monitoring and controlling various processes, including glue dispensation, automated repeated cutting of plastic extrusions, measuring extended lengths of various materials including plastic film, hoist position, metal cutting, production monitoring for wood molding machines, carpet cutting, machine speed display, quality control for production lengths, die cutting, and rewinders, among others. Our counting systems have been used in QA to count the number of registration marks in long pre-printed rolls of plastic film. Click here for examples of the systems we have manufactured.

Our customers are located in the United States and Canada, and we also offer international shipping. The system seamlessly integrates with both older and newer machinery. Optional features such as buzzers, alarms, cut control outputs, batch control outputs, external inputs, timed operations, analog output for drive control, and RS232 or RS485 communications enhance adaptability across multiple industries. Applications include plastics extrusion, plastic films, wood, metal, carpet, fabrics, paper, cardboard, or any sheet materials, cranes and hoist position, as well as for machine speed display and control.

The system's programmability extends to units of measurement, including yards, feet, inches, meters, centimeters, and RPM, with a programmable decimal point position. It has exceptional accuracy which facilitates easy automation, enabling quality control and reducing wastage in various industrial processes.

Connectric Length & Speed Measurement Systems provide cost-effective solutions designed precisely to meet your requirements. Recognizing the individual needs and setups of each client, we collaborate closely with you to identify specifications, provide recommendations, and tailor the system accordingly. Furthermore, seamless integration with your existing machinery, encoders, and wheels is assured for enhanced convenience.

The new dual display/counter can display speed and shift count simultaneously. Using the appropriate software, the values can be polled remotely for data logging.


Our LARGE digit display / counters are viewable from long distances and can be used to display machine and conveyor speed.

Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control
Length, Speed Measurement & Control

Some of the functions include:

  • Touch screen easy setting of the required length and batch quantity
  • Automated repeated length control - set the length and the system will send a signal to the cutter or the glue applicator , and reset itself ready for the next cut or application
  • Batch count and control - the 2 line display will increment on every cut. Set the batch size, the system will provide an output when the batch size has been reached
  • Optional solid state relay outputs to signal the cutter, glue applicator or batch quantity
  • Manual cut control upon reset by a push button
  • Optional scaleable analogue output for drive control to slow and stop product movement during the cut cycle
  • Optional audible or alarm lights when lengths or batch size has been reached
  • Offset adjustment - if there is a delay in the cut, the system can accommodate for this on every cut resulting in more accurate cuts, less wastage and reduced requirement for trimming to length
  • Blanking input to stop the count if no product is present (e.g. pull conveyers on extrusion machines)
  • Production shift or total length count regardless of line speed or stoppage time
  • Optional simultaneous speed and shift count (NEW FEATURE)
  • Etc.

Other features:

  • Easy and versatile mounting of the encoder - our special spring bracket allows for above or below product mounting
  • Can be used with any existing electronic encoders or sensors, we can scale the display accordingly
  • Can be programmed in feet, inches, meters with programmable number of decimal points.
  • Easy to program by the touch screen which can be locked out for programming if required
  • Standard AC supply - no DC supplies required. Encoder power provided by the controller
  • Very accurate - our measuring wheels are ground to 0.05% accuracy
  • Scaleable and fine tunable to meet the most exacting requirements

Customers have the option to order a complete system comprising the control box, encoder, encoder cable, accurate measuring wheel, and a spring-loaded encoder bracket. Alternatively, individual components are available for purchase.

Please fill out specification aid and email it to us, we will be happy to provide a free quote.

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