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Excellent and comprehensive ranges of incremental and absolute encoders, linear measuring systems, inclinometers, slip rings, fibre optic modules, electronic and electro-mechanical counters, timers, tachometers, position displays, process controllers, temperature controllers and displays, energy time counters, hour meters, etc.


Level converters, splitters, distributors, signal converters and conditioners for frequency, analogue signals and SSI or SinCos encoders.  Frequency dividers and multipliers.  Controllers for rotation cutters and rotary shear systems, flying shears, saws, punchers, cutters, tubular bag machines etc.  Synchronous controllers for electrical drives.  Fast multi function counters, process indicators, SSI displays, monitors for speed, standstill and slip, etc.  


Fixed industrial bar code readers, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, machine vision systems, laser marking systems 


Loop powered indicators, multi and single channel process controllers, multi-output process meters, temperature & PID controllers and displays, printers, tachometer/generators, PLCs, timers, counters, relays, sensors, phase/voltage monitors, current monitors, pump/level controls, time delay relays, power alerts, HVAC controls, etc.


Contactors, motor starters, overload relays, electronic motor protection relays, thermistor protection relays, pilot devices, industrial control relays, electronic timing relays, motor circuit controllers, rotary cam switches, motor disconnect switches, DIN rail terminal blocks


Cooper Bussmann is a leading brand in the field of electrical circuit protection. They offer a wide range of products, including fuses, fuse holders, circuit breakers, surge protection devices, power distribution blocks and terminal blocks. Cooper Bussmann products are known for their reliability and are widely used in various industries to ensure the safe operation of electrical systems.


Complete range of fuses and fuse holders, terminal blocks, power distribution blocks


Hazardous area wiring; Inclinometers; Inductive & Capacitive sensors; Industrial Control & Power Connectivity; Industrial Network Connectivity; Industrial RFID, Instrumentation, pressure, temperature & flow Intrinsically Safe amplifiers; Intrinsically Safe Barriers & Isolators; Linear Displacement Transducers


Magnetic switches, liquid and solid level controls, bypass controls, flow monitors, float switches, silo sensors, paddle switches 


Fuse holders, power distribution blocks, row terminal blocks


Cable ties, clamps, conduit & connectors, cord grips, DIN terminal blocks, cordsets and molded connectors, heat shrink tubing, lugs and splicers, mesh grips, multi-pole connectors, pin & sleeve devices. split bolt & grounding, terminals, surface raceways, toggle switches, tools, loom & spiral tubing, wiring duct, etc.


Smart relays, PLCs, variable speed drives, inverters, power supplies, timers, conditioning modules, temperature controllers, proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, limit switches, motor circuit breakers, contactors and overloads, relays, solid state relays, DIN terminal blocks, switch fuse and isolators, push buttons, cam switches, etc.


Through beam, retro-reflective, diffuse reflective and background suppression photoelectric sensors, colour mark sensors, UV sensors, fork sensors, proximity sensors, ultrasonic sensors


Length measurement, counters, timers, process indicators, time relays, tachometers & thermometers, advanced panel meters


Temperature sensors & transmitters, intrinsically safe barriers, multi-function converters & transmitters, signal isolations & transmitters,, HART, loop & LED indicators



DIN, panel & pcb sockets, automotive relay sockets, electronic enclosures, terminal blocks


Industrial and PCB relays, relay sockets, solid state relays, timers, time switches.


Limit & position switches, safety switches, rope switches,  foot switches, lift controls.


Large LED panel meters, encoder interfaces, P.C. based card interfaces, data acquisition, A-D and D-A converters.




We have extensive ranges of encoders, linear measurement sensors, liquid and solid level sensors and transmitters, photoelectric and proximity sensors, counters, hour meters and electrical control products such PLCs, smart relays, motor controls, circuit breakers, fuses and fuse holders, terminal blocks, relays and sockets, timers and wiring products.  

Connectric also provides motion controllers, synchronous controllers for electrical drives, speed controllers, controllers for rotation cutters and rotary shear systems, flying shears, saws, punchers, cutters, tubular bag machines etc.

Encoder and process interface modules, signal level converters for frequency and analogue signals, SSI or SinCos encoders complement our product range.


We have an extensive range of industrial barcode scanners, vision systems and laser markers for direct part marking. 

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Connectric Systems Inc. has been providing products and solutions for the automation and control industries since 1976.  Working closely with OEMS and end users large and small, we provide solutions to meet specific customer needs.

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