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Introduction to Encoders, Inclinometers & Encoder Measuring Wheels

Kubler is an innovative world leader in the design and manufacture of quality encoders.  Connectric Systems has proven expertise and has been assisting customers with encoders since 1996.  We have provided solutions in position, speed and feedback solutions in rotary and linear applications in a variety of industries.  Give us the opportunity to assist you with your applications.

Connectric Measuring Wheels are used in machinery for high accuracy and standard applications.  Our standard wheels are available from stock, or we can manufacture special wheels according to customer applications.  We can solve your length measurement and control applications.  We also provide economical stand-alone length measurement & control systems.

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Encoder Measuring Wheels

Connectric Measuring Wheels are designed for high accuracy and standard applications.  Used in conjunction with encoders and special encoder spring arms, high accuracy measurement can be easily achieved.  Accuracy is especially important in applications with long measurement distances.  Applications include cardboard, wood, plastics, vinyl, paper, bare metals, textiles, wire, bare metals, varnished surfaces etc.  Metric sizes and custom wheels are available too.  

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Connectric provides encoder measuring wheels of various sizes and surfaces.  Standard wheels include .2M and .5M diameters with diamond knurl, plastic or tufted rubber surfaces.  These are suitable for plastic, wood, textiles, paper, rubber carpet surfaces, etc.

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Connectric Systems Inc. has been providing products and solutions for the automation and control industries since 1976.  Working closely with OEMS and end users large and small, we provide solutions to meet specific customer needs.

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