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Oct. 2012
Connectric Systems has been awarded exclusive distributorship of MOTRONA Products in Canada. More

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Encoder Simulator speeds up machine commissioning through dry testing of cabling and control systems. More...

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Connectric Systems is a national and international distributor

for products and solutions for the automation and control industries since 1976.  We don't just sell products, we have been working closely with OEMS and end users large and small for more than 30 years, and provide product selection assistance, application support and solutions to meet specific customer applications.

With over 25 years experience, we are a primary source for encoders, interfaces, measuring wheels, length measurement and counting, and provide complete cross references for all encoder brands.

Among other applications, we provide solutions for motor control, motion control, protection, sensing, inspection, product marking, counting, positioning, measurement, speed monitoring and control, and electrical control panels.  We also carry SIL products for functional safety

Connectric Systems is the authorized International Distributor for Sprecher & Schuh and our other suppliers.  We regularly ship products to many international destinations, and can handle large and small orders for customers throughout the world.  We respond to all enquiries promptly, provide technical support, prepare international documentation and use reputable couriers and freight forwarders.

With engineers on staff and more than 40 years experience across many industries, we can help you with your automation and control system needs.  Contact Connectric using our contact form or call Toll Free at 1-800-468-3342 (North America)

Connectric Systems Inc.

Who are we?

Connectric Systems Inc., is a privately owned Canadian company, founded almost 40 years ago as a manufacturers' rep. We have grown into a very successful marketing and technical organization, specializing in the importation, promotion and nationwide & international sales of high quality industrial electrical and electronic products for Automation & Control. Since 1976, we have developed and serviced a wide customer base in many industries. Our clientèle includes customers throughout Canada the U.S. and worldwide.

Length Measurement System.

The Connectric Length Measurement System is designed to provide easy measurement and length control of various materials like plastics, wood, paper, metal etc. The self contained stand alone system provides accurate measurement in meters, feet or inches. The unit of measurement and desired accuracy must be indicated at time of ordering. The system is modular and designed to meet customer’s specific needs. Single counter units are available for simple length measurement and control while dual counter units provide additional batch or shift count.

We also carry mechanical length measuring devices for outdoor and indoor use, road, rail, surface, wire, cable, rope, etc.  

Offered by Connectric Systems.

We have extensive ranges of encoders, linear measurement sensors, liquid and solid level sensors and transmitters, photoelectric and proximity sensors, counters, hour meters and electrical control products such PLCs, smart relays, motor controls, circuit breakers, fuses and fuse holders, terminal blocks, relays and sockets, timers and wiring products. Connectric also provides motion controllers, synchronous controllers for electrical drives, speed controllers, ...

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Connectric Systems Inc. has been providing products and solutions for the automation and control industries since 1976.  Working closely with OEMS and end users large and small, we provide solutions to meet specific customer needs.

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Connectric is MOTRONA exclusive distributor in Canada.

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